Sunday, June 28, 2009

CaliPlus Effective and Potent Ingredients!!

CaliPlus is an herbal anti-impotence formula which has been introduced by VitoPharma to get rid of erection problems. This product has given a great competition to all the popular synthetic prescription medications available in the market due to its effective formulation consisting of potent herbs which are listed below:

Arginine hydrochloride: - Arginine hydrochloride is a semi-essential amino acid that gets converted to nitric oxide in the body. This nitric oxide results in dilation or expansion of penile blood vessels enabling the flow of more blood. Thus improves erection process.

L-Phenylalanine: -It is an essential amino acid which synthesis dopamine, noradrenalin and adrenaline in the body. This stimulates the production of endocrine hormones that are responsible for enhancing sexual drive, fertility, and metabolism. Furthermore it also boosts your mood.

Siberian ginseng: - It is also known as “eleuthero”. It acts as a stimulator of the circulatory system thereby increasing flow of blood to the genital region thus enhancing erections. This herb increases sexual potency and vitality. Siberian ginseng is known to increase longevity, testosterone production and maintains overall reproductive health. It is also used by Russian people to help the body adapt to stressful conditions.

Mucuna pruriens: - It has aphrodisiac properties and thus acts as a good nervine tonic. This herb seed is effective against Oligospermia and is useful in increasing sperm count. Mucuna pruriens is also helpful in the treatment of spermatorrhea and other genitourinary system diseases.

Furthermore it improves libido and sexual response by stimulating the production of testosterone in the body.

Friday, June 12, 2009

CaliPlus- VitoPharma Incredible Herbal Remedy For Erectile dysfunction!!

Our research team of VitoPharma did a thorough research on erectile dysfunction (ED) and carefully selected herbs from nature to manufacture a medicine called CaliPlus. CaliPlus is an herbal medication which curbs erectile dysfunction naturally without causing any side-effects. It is made up of herbs which are highly effective and have aphrodisiacal properties to enhance sexual desire and stamina in individuals.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a problem triggered by inadequate blood flow. It is characterized by the inability of a man to sustain erection for long during sexual intercourse.

CaliPlus improves your erection within 15 minutes of ingestion and its effects last up to 36 hours. This natural remedy works by improving blood flow to the penile region. It helps you to enjoy sex for a longer period. CaliPlus is a non prescription remedy which is 100% safe. Furthermore it is very much cost effective. One bottle of CaliPlus contains 60 tablets, worth $65.00 only. For more details visit

Monday, June 8, 2009

Impotence: Myths and Facts!!

Erectile dysfunction is most commonly known as impotence. It is a very prevalent sexual dysfunction harming men. However every individual has different opinion for impotency which leads to various misconceptions like

Myth 1:- A child cannot be produced by an impotent man.

Fact 1: - Only an infertile man cannot produce enough sperm to be a father of a child. However an impotent man can be fertile and produce child. Being impotent doesn’t mean you are sterile.

Myth 2: - Not all men experience impotence.

Fact 2: - It is untrue. At least once in life, all men over the age of 30 suffer from impotence. Although for some individuals, it will be temporary and for some, it will be permanent.

Myth 3: - Erectile dysfunction is “all in the mind” only.

Fact 3: - Impotence can be caused by psychological factors also but majority of cases of impotence occur due to physical factors. Only 20 % of male impotence is due to psychological conditions while rest comes under physical condition such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, cancer and surgery.

Myth 4: - Impotence is a sign of ageing.

Fact 4: - This is untrue, although it is evident that the chances of experiencing impotence increases with age but this is mainly because of the increased chances of having underlying physical conditions like diabetes, hypertension or heart diseases.

Myth 5: - Impotence is not curable

Fact 5: -It is wrong to say that impotence can’t be cured. A number of effective medicines are now a days available in the market to curb impotence including herbal and synthetic medications. However herbal medications are preferred due to their safe usage. CaliPlus is one such effective herbal formulation that not only improves your erection strength but also your sexual desire and stamina.

Myth 6: - Impotence is a male problem.

Fact 6: - Impotence not only hampers sexual life but also emotional relationship. So it is completely irrelevant to say that impotence is a male problem as it affects both the partners equally. Thus it is very essential to discuss all the problems without any hesitation among each other.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Impotence Injections Vs Herbal Medications

Among various erectile dysfunction medications, impotence injections or shots are getting prevalent. These types of injections use a drug known as papervine which dilates blood vessels so as to allow proper flow of blood to the penile region resulting in firmer and harder erections.

These shots or injections should be given by n expert doctor. After taking the injection, results will be evident in 10-15 minutes. Injections are effective but then it also has some drawbacks like

 It cannot be taken more than 3 days a week
 It is not recommended for men who has blood-related illnesses such as leukemia, sickle cell anemia etc.
 It may results in Priapism (It means long and painful erections). However the chance of Priapism is very less.

Hence it is always preferred to take herbal medications which have no secondary side-effects. Morever herbal medicines mainly does not require any prescription from doctor and are 100% safe i.e. CaliPlus. It is an herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction which not only improves your erections naturally but also enhances your sexual stamina and desire.