Monday, December 21, 2009

Natural Herbal Remedy

Testosterone hormone is responsible for providing the body with energy and sex drive. An average male body produces around 8 to 10 times more testosterone than female body. Testosterone levels decline gradually with age in human beings. Levels of Testosterone starts decreasing in men once they reach the age of 40. Normal man should have free testosterone level up to 800 to enjoy a healthy sexual life. Whereas men having testosterone levels lesser than 350 experience erectile dysfunction. Free testosterone controls the sex drive and other bodily functions. With advancing age only 2% of the testosterone is free and other 98% is bound by sex hormone binding globulin. So reduced free testosterone levels will lead to erectile dysfunction.

Erections occur only when blood vessels at the entrance of the penis open up and allow the blood to flow into the penis. The chemical called Nitric oxide is secreted during this process. The erection can also be triggered through parasympathetic nervous system when erogenous areas of the body are touched or through some erotic sights, sounds, smells, thoughts and dreams. This erection lasts till arousal is diminished or orgasm is achieved.

CaliPlus is one of the most effective and safe anti-impotence remedy. Its efficacy and efficiency are the outcome of the natural herbal ingredients which work by helping to smoothen muscles of the penis and enable the blood flow into penis. The greater the amount of blood flow, the stronger and firmer the erections are going to be. The impotence pill heightens the Nitric Oxide formation inside the body that aids a faster blood flow into the penis. For more details on this product visit its website

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Treating Erectile Dysfunction in a natural and easy way!!

Erectile dysfunction
is more commonly known as impotence, which is the incapacity to acquire enough erection to perform a pleasing sexual activity. If you are experiencing the same problem, you can try simple tips that prove very effectual in treating erectile dysfunction.

• The easiest method in treating erectile dysfunction is to eat wholesome foods. Include a lot of foods rich in zinc like red meat, soy foods like tofu and soy milk, cereals that are zinc fortified, peanuts, almonds and chickpeas and low fat dairy products.
• Foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are also recommended
• Bright colored berries like strawberries and blueberries improve the vascular system.
• Avoid sugar and other processed goods and dairy products that are not low or non fat.
• In case where the weak or no erection is due to stress, anxiety and other mental condition, Meditation can be practiced. It significantly improves the erection in a far better way. This is because a man under stressful conditions cannot have better erections.
• A kind of amino acid called L-Arginine is a good example of an erectile dysfunction remedy; it expands the blood vessels and improves the flow of blood to the penis, thus causing a firm erection.
• Besides, there are also many supplements available on the market that treats erectile dysfunction. Many herbal products contain natural herbs that serve as aphrodisiac compounds that boost the intensity and frequency of erections.

So if you are suffering from erection problems you first need to identify what is causing the problem and then take appropriate steps to correct its occurrence.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Say Good Bye to Soft Erection Naturally

Soft Erection or ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is the inability to attain or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse. ED is usually just a symptom of a larger health problem, but at times it can seem like the biggest problem. ED is often a sign of other health issues that can cause problems with blood flow to the penis.

There are various clinical, psychological reasons behind ED, but all of them can be fought off. Erection is a biological mechanism. When blood enters and stays in the penis a man observes erection. However, it fails, when he is in depression, tension or faces performance anxiety. The problem goes from bad to worse, when a man fails to discuss this.

Soft erection or impotency is like a curse for a man’s healthy sex life. Here are 2 most important reasons why you should not have soft erection:

1) For enjoying sex!
Yes, the most important reason is of course to enjoy sex. A man loses the driving force to have sex when he has soft erection. His confidence, self-esteem and even motivational energy go down without a hard erection.

2) To satisfy your partner
Sex is mutual satisfaction and satisfying each others biological needs. But when you fail to get hard erection, you deprive your partner from the sexual pleasure.

The market is filled with other prescription drugs that promise to correct the problem of erectile dysfunction but with serious side effects. People are turning towards herbal remedies to cure their impotence problem which have no harmful side-effects. Formulated with an excellent combination of herbs and vitamins, CaliPlus is one of the best innovations for enhancing erectile function in men with no side effects. For more details on this natural cure erectile dysfunction supplement visit its website

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tests for Erectile dysfunction!!

Erectile dysfunction is a common male problem now a days which may be caused by a combination of blood vessel, nerve or psychological issues. However before opting for any medication to get rid of this sexual issue one must consult his doctor to know the exact reason behind it. The doctor may take your physical examination or tests during which he will examine:

• Your blood pressure
• Your testicles and penis for any problems
• Thyroid, testosterone, prolactin, luteinizing hormone levels
• Complete blood count, blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides
• Urine sample

If your all physical tests comes normal then your doctor may subjected you for 3 specific erectile dysfunction tests i.e.

Nocturnal Penile tumescence (NPT) test

This test is meant for checking whether a man is having normal erections during sleep or not. Normally most of the men used to have 3-5 full erections during deep sleep. NPT test can be done at home or in a special sleep lab. The steps are given below:

• A ring like device known as snap gauge which is made up of plastic films is fitted around the penis. This films break at certain pressures thereby indicating the occurrence of erections.

• An electronic monitoring device is also used to check the occurrence of erections. It is more accurate than snap gauge but at the same time it is more expensive. With the help of this device you can record how many, how long and how rigid the erections are during sleep.

The NPT test is also termed as the “Stamp test or rigidity test”

Intracavernosal Injection Test

In this test, a medicine (prostaglandin E1) is injected into the base of the penis to cause an erection. This injection is also termed as Intracavernosal injection. Through this process you can measure the fullness of erections and check how long the erection lasts.

The third test is Doppler ultrasound test.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reasons for Impotency

Erectile Dysfunction, a scientific name for impotency, may occur at any age. A social taboo as it was often considered to be so - impotency was also conceived as a psychological barrier and a normal phenomenon that usually followed old age. With the progress in science and social awareness in the booming, the myth comprising the cause of Erectile Dysfunction has, however, changed for the better. It has been observed and proved that the disorder is very much physical to psychological.

There are a number of factors contributing to the cause of physical disorder in men. The sexual arousal in men is entangled with a plethora of factors that involve nerves, hormones, brains, muscles, emotions, blood vessels and various other issues:
Physical causes
• Diseases like diabetes, liver disease, arterial sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease
• Post surgical side effects
• Over use of addictive drugs
• Smoking
• Excessive alcohol consumption

Psychological causes
• Depression
• Mental fatigue
• Stress
• Relationship problem
• Anxiety disorders

Simple things to do to invigorate your sexual life

• Don’t over indulge in alcohol/smoking
• Avoid drugs
• Be free from stress/depression
• Exercise regularly
• Herbal medication

CaliPlus the erection supplement is very natural, works effectively without any side effects. CaliPlus formula is completely safe herbal impotence remedy, which will help to provide your sex partner lots of ecstasy in sexual activity. For information on this product, visit its website

Friday, October 30, 2009

Erectile Dysfunction

If you are not having a penile erection for having sex or losing the stiffness during intercourse, you are suffering from an erectile dysfunction. This is a penile dysfunction related to ageing. Even younger men can have an erectile dysfunction every now and then that becomes right on its own.

But if your problem persists for a longer while then you may turn the victim of male impotency. There are several causes leading to such penile dysfunction. If you are suffering from long-term maladies like diabetes, hypertension or atherosclerosis, you are most likely to have erectile dysfunctions.

Sometimes hormonal imbalance can subject your penis to erectile problems. Even some prescription drugs are also responsible for impotence. If you are a heavy smoker or an alcohol-addict, you can experience penile dysfunction.

There are also relationship issues and ego clashes behind erectile dysfunction. You should go for counseling and joint therapies to ease the ties of the relationship. This will tackle half the gravity of your male impotence by enhancing your mutuality.

The herbal formula for erectile dysfunction is a great way to combat penile dysfunction. The herbal pills for male impotence are highly effective and are a natural way to help you have a firm and hard erection and maintain it for the entire duration of the intercourse. The male enhancement pills for potency are fast effective and come without any side effects.

CaliPlus is an anti-male impotence formula that lets you achieve hard erections for a longer time and lets you perform excellently in sex. For more details on this product, please visit its website

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Overcome Erection Problem Through Nutritional and Herbal Support!!

Erectile dysfunction is a health condition in which a man becomes unable to sustain erection during sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is also termed as impotence. This sexual dysfunction is increasing at an alarming rate and bothering millions of people worldwide. It may be caused by a number of factors which can be either physical or psychological. However most of the cases of erectile dysfunction are reported to have physical causes i.e. vascular diseases and disorders.

Vascular dysfunctions interrupt with the circulation of blood especially towards the penile region resulting in poor erection strength. These dysfunctions mainly occur due to the intake of poor diet over a considerable period of time. However you can easily control these dysfunctions by making nutritional changes and through herbal support.

The consumption of certain vital vitamins together with bio-active herbs and amino acids helps to achieve stronger erections. The vitamins that are known t enhance male impotency are Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Vitamin E.

Furthermore during normal process of sexual stimulation a chemical known as “nitric oxide” is produced in the body which causes expansion of penile blood vessels resulting in more flow of blood towards the penile region. Due to which stronger and firmer erections take place. Thus most of the herbal erectile dysfunction medications work on the same principle i.e. CaliPlus.

CaliPlus is an amazing supplement that works incredibly to enhance erection process. It consists of all effective herbal ingredients that act within 15 minutes of ingestion. CaliPlus effect lasts up to 36 hours so you can go for multiple sexual attempts. CaliPlus enhances your sexual stamina and pleasure. To know more about this amazing supplement, visit

Monday, October 12, 2009

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Home Remedies!!

Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction (ED). It is the inability in men to maintain or sustain erection sufficient enough for satisfactory intercourse. Now a days this sexual problem affects individuals of almost all age group i.e. young and adults but most commonly found in men above 65 years of age. The factors causing erectile dysfunction are many including physical and psychological issues i.e.

Physical Factors:

• Heart disease, nerve disorders, circulatory problems, diabetes
• Side-effects of drugs like anti-inflammatory medications, tranquilizers, B.P., anti-depressants
• Testosterone and hormone low levels, prostate surgery, alcohol excessive use and smoking

Psychological Factors:

• Stress, depression and anxiety

Some of the Home Remedies of Erectile dysfunction:

If your erection problem is occasional or temporary you can try some home remedies for impotence i.e.

• Keep your weight under control as obesity leads to B.P., Heart diseases, diabetes. These all diseases are directly linked to impotence.
• Triggers your sexual health by exercising
• Quit smoking and avoid alcohol intake
• Go for more foreplay
• Avoid stress and tension as they can reduce your libido.

However if impotence condition is permanent you can either try synthetic medications or herbal medications. Herbal medications consist of natural ingredients that are completely safe, on the other hand synthetic medications consist of chemical ingredients which are harmful and have unpleasant side-effects. The most popular herbal anti-impotence supplement “CaliPlus” works fast and quickly within 15 minutes of consumption and gives harder and firmer erections.

CaliPlus naturally improves circulation of blood towards penile region and gives firmer erections. Its effect lasts up to 36 hours. CaliPlus is completely safe with no nasty side-effects

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Understanding the Sexual Disorder – Erectile Dysfunction in a Nutshell!!

The Ailment – Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is commonly an age-related sexual problem. The inability of men to develop firm and long lasting erections is referred to as erectile dysfunction. Erectile problem results from penile numbness and results in incomplete sexual intercourse. The limp penis loses its erection and drops down after sometime of your indulgence in sex thus leaving your partner unfulfilled.

How does an Erection occur?
The human penis has two cylindrical, sponge-like structures that run length wise parallel to the tube that carries semen and urine. With the sexual arousal taking place in a man, the nerve impulses work towards increasing the flow of blood to the cylinders in the penis to a drastic level - this increase of blood results in expanding the sponge-like structures and producing an erection by stiffening as well as straightening the penis.

If the sexual arousal is maintained, the penis is also firm and hard. With ejaculation and sexual arousal coming to an end, the erection also ceases making the penis return to its non-erect state. When there is a problem in this process and it gets difficult to maintain the erection for the duration of the intercourse, the person is said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Some Major Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

• Heart disease
• Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
• Treatments for prostate cancer
• Multiple sclerosis
• Hormonal disorders such as low testosterone
• Tobacco and Alcohol usage
• Certain prescription medications like anti - depressants
• Obesity
• Diabetes

The treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction:
There are many treatments available today for overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction needs immediate attention and requires effective treatment.

For having a proper sexual functioning of the penis, the treatments will be ranging from medications to surgery.
• Self medication is not at all suggested for erectile dysfunction; it can cause you more harm than good.

• The doctor may ask you to get certain tests done - for instance, you may have to go for an ultrasound, a Dynamic Infusion Cavernosometry and Cavernosography (DICC), neurological evaluation or a nocturnal tumescence test. Depending upon the physical or the psychological cause that is responsible for the erectile dysfunction in the victim, the doctor will be advancing with the treatment.

The good news is that you can always prevent and treat erectile dysfunction by getting yourself a safe and natural means of curing the disorder. CaliPlus is an herbal alternative to Cialis and Viagra. It works on the same principles of Viagra and Cialis. However, CaliPlus is much preferred and recommended by doctors as it rules out the possibility of facing any kind of unpleasant side effects. Moreover, CaliPlus is 100% cheaper than the other leading drugs. So, with CaliPlus you could only achieve perks with NO harm of any kind. For more details on CaliPlus – you could visit its website –

And always remember that erectile dysfunction can be cured and there is nothing to worry with a sexual problem like this.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction does not naturally come with old age. There are usually other reasons why a man suffers this condition as oppose to what others tend to believe. One of the main contributors to Erectile Dysfunction is the condition of “Diabetes”
The Truth states that “Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction go hand in hand”. Sooner or later a diabetic patient faces erectile problems.

The American Diabetes Association cited sexual dysfunction as a complication of Diabetes. The incidence of Diabetes in men significantly increases the risk of sexual dysfunction.

The Scientific Truth:
The erection strength depends on blood flow to the blood vessels inside the penis. During the erection process, these blood vessels relax and widen to accommodate incoming blood and the erection is gained.

Diabetes and ED are related as some of the degenerative problems associated with diabetes include restricted blood flow and possible nerve damage which may be the main cause of most diabetic erectile dysfunction problems.

Another cause is, with higher glucose presence in blood, veins become constricted and high blood pressure is a certain consequence. Higher blood pressure further damages the blood carrying veins, reducing blood flow to penis and making erection process more complicated.

High blood sugar and high blood pressure when combines with higher cholesterol level makes blood vessels lose their ability to dilate. In this context penis loses its erection ability.

Other direct causes of diabetes and erectile dysfunction, apart from physiological or chronic health problem, are the intake of drugs like antidepressants, growing age; an unhealthy lifestyle that includes smoking, physical inactivity and obesity. Obesity places extra strain on body systems, thereby disrupting the delicate balance required to achieve an erection.

Tired of Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction –Well, it’s never too late. Learn how to mange the two most effectively with all natural herbal pills for ED and Diabetes. For more information on herbal natural pills, visit the website – and

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Impotence and High Blood Pressure Drugs!!

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is referred to as “weak or NO erections”. It is the inability of an individual to sustain erection during sexual intercourse. It may be caused by numerous factors including birth defects, stress, anxiety, depression, post surgical effects, low sexual desire, relationship problems, obesity and drug abuse.

Drugs which are causing impotence are high blood pressure drugs, sedatives, antidepressants, antihypertensive medicines, gastric disorder medicines, antihistamines, cancer medications, Dyslipidemia drugs, and Anti-Parkinson medicines.

It is a well known fact that strong erections need proper supply of blood to the penile region. High blood pressure medicines like diuretics lower blood pressure by decreasing blood volume. As a result the flow of blood to the penis gets reduced considerably. Beta blockers are also known to decrease blood flow to the penis. Impotence is one of the side-effect of high blood pressure drugs.

However not all blood pressure drugs leads to impotence. Angiostensin receptor blockers, calcium channel blockers, Alpha blockers and ace inhibitors do not decrease the supply of blood to the penis and thus do not cause impotence.

Angiotensin receptor blockers are Avalide, Cozaar, Diovan, Vasotec, Prinivil, Accupril, Aceon, Capoten, Mavic, Monopril, Micardis, Atacand, Teveten, Tarka, Lotensin etc. Thus it is advisable to consult doctor before opting for any medications so as to minimize the chances of impotence.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not Able to have an Erect Penis? Find the Hope that you have in the form of CaliPlus herbal pills for ED

One of the common sexual disorders that men face is Erectile Dysfunction. ED is a condition where a man is not able to achieve or maintain a firm erection that will that is required to have sex. There are many treatments available today for overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction. Even though it feels embarrassing to talk to your doctor about a problem like this, it is not sensible to conceal your problem without doing anything about it.

Many tablets are available in the market for treating erectile dysfunction, but you may not want to go for them as they come with side effects. Here, the CaliPlus tablets are a good choice as they are natural and very much safe with no known side effects.

After the intake of CaliPlus tablets, they just dissolve in your mouth giving you the power punch you will be able to experience the effects within 0 -30 minutes and the effect lasts for at least 4 hours giving you many opportunities for multiple sexual attempts. The tablets help in enhancing the intensity and frequency of the erections and will increase the potency and sperm volume. Erections with CaliPlus are firmer and longer lasting. CaliPlus also lets you have a greater sexual stamina and helps you experience immense orgasm pleasure. Last but not the least, CaliPlus pills are 100% cheaper than other synthetic medicines available in the market.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Venous ligation and Vascular Reconstructive Surgeries to Treat Impotence!!

Apart from penile implants, there are two other surgical methods to treat impotence. However all these surgical methods are painful, expensive and causes a number of secondary complications. The two surgical methods are:

Venous ligation

This surgery includes removal of problematic veins which can cause leakage of blood. This leakage of blood restricts supply of proper blood to the penis. Thus by removing these veins, flow of blood to the penis increases.

This surgery is rarely recommended by the doctors due to a number of health risks associated with it. Secondary complications and health risks include nerve damage, scar issue etc. Venous ligation is considered to be an experimental surgery

Vascular Reconstructive Surgery

This surgery involves bypassing blocked veins or arteries by transferring a vein from the leg and connecting it to create a path to the penis. It is mainly used to remove blockage of arteries and veins. Doctors recommend this surgery to a person with local arterial blockage. It is performed to improve the blood flow.

Due to a number of complications associated with surgeries, doctors recommend safe herbal medications to combat impotence.

Herbal anti-impotence medications are highly effective due to the presence of beneficial herbs. This herbal ingredient works naturally to curb erectile dysfunction. One such medication is VigaPlus

CaliPlus is a natural remedy which works within 15 minutes of consumption. Its effect lasts up to 36 hours. These sublingual pills are easily assimilated by the body and come with 90 days money back guarantee. To know more about CaliPlus and its effect on impotence, visit

Monday, August 17, 2009

Medications that Cause Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is also known in simple and layman's term as impotence. It is a kind of sexual disorder which happens when there is a lack of blood supply in the veins around the penis and this result in the inability to either maintain or sustain an erection or both.

Chronic ED affects about 5% of men in their 40s and 15-25% of men by the age of 65. Transient ED and inadequate erection affect as many as 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70.

We usually have a firm knowledge regarding the causes of ED - but do you know that several medications out there which we consume on a day to day basis can actually trigger the phenomena of ED greatly.

List of Medications causing ED:
1. Painkillers
2. Antihistamine medications, antidepressants and diuretic medications
3. Parkinson's disease medications
4. Prostate cancer medications and others taken by chemotherapy patients
5. Muscle relaxants, diuretics, beta- blockers and H2 blockers
6. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
7. Alcohol and illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana
All these drugs can seriously damage the blood vessels and nerves involved in a normal erection

Actual names of drugs causing ED:
1. Blood Pressure: Norvase, Vasotic and Lopressor
2. ACE inhibitors: captopril (Capoten), enalapril (Renitec)
3. Cholesterol-lowering drugs - simvastatin (Zocor), and others
4. Antidepressant: Zoloft, Prozac, Buspar, ), paroxetine (Aropax),
5. Muscle Relaxant: Zantac
6. Digestion: Norflex
7. Beta-blockers: propranolol (Inderal) and others
8. Diuretics - spironolactone (Aldactone), chlorthalidone (Hygroton)
9. Schizophrenia drugs - thioridazine (Melleril)

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Diagnostic Tests for Impotence!!

Medical History of Patient

Some patients have medical history of impotence or diseases causing impotence. You can find out the degree and nature of impotence by evaluating medical and sexual histories. Furthermore a person having history of using certain prescription medications or illegal drugs may have a higher chance of impotence.

Physical Examination

Consult your doctor and have a physical examination to determine the root cause of impotence. Systemic problems may give rise to impotence i.e.

Nervous system problem: In this case the penis does not respond as expected to certain touching.
Endocrine system disorder: - In this case, hormonal imbalance occur which give rise to abnormal secondary characteristics such as hair pattern.
Circulatory system disorder: - such as aneurysm in the abdomen
• Other symptoms like bending of the penis during erection results due to Peyronie’s disease

Psychological Test

It involves interviewing both the partner to determine their expectations and perceptions encountered during sex. The questionnaire method is used in this test revealing psychological factors causing impotence

Laboratory Tests

A number of tests can be used to diagnose systemic diseases causing impotence. These tests are urinalysis, lipid profile, blood counts, measurements of liver enzymes and creatinine. Low testosterone level may cause low sexual desire resulting in impotence.

Other Test

Studies reveled that a normal men have involuntary erections during sleep. If in case nocturnal erections do not occur, then the reason behind impotence may be physical rather than psychological. The erections which occur during sleep are known as nocturnal penile tumescence. However this test is not completely reliable.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Which Surgeries can Cause Erectile dysfunction?

Many people think that how surgeries can cause erectile dysfunction if it is one of the treatments of the same ailment. Besides diabetes, vascular diseases, anxiety, depression, smoking, alcohol, surgery too also leads to impotence or erectile dysfunction. Surgeries which results in erection problem are:

• Prostate surgery (used to cure prostate cancer)
• Bladder surgery (used to treat bladder cancer)
• Colon surgery
• Rectum surgery

These surgeries increase a higher risk of impotence in men and other complications also.

How Do These Surgeries Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

People undergoing the above mentioned surgeries suffer from erectile dysfunction because during these surgeries the nerves and tissues covering the affected area are operated upon. Due to which there are chances of nerves and blood vessels located around the prostate gland to get injured. This result in temporary damage to erection process but sometime the damage is permanent also.

Is there any technique to minimize the chances of impotence during these surgeries?

Yes there is one such technique known as “nerve-sparing technique”. In this method the nerve bundles which play a vital role during erection process are separated from the prostate before operating the person for prostate cancer. It lowers the chances of impotence but if cancer has spread to these nerves then doctor should have bound to cut off them.

Furthermore surgeries are meant to cure erectile dysfunction also but these are used mainly in case of severe erection problem or to get fast results. No doubt, these surgeries are highly effective but then they are expensive, painful and have a number of secondary complications.Thus are not preferred much.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Merits of using Herbal Sex pills to treat erectile dysfunction Problems:

Today, Herbal sex pills are an obvious and most favored alternative for many men today. Herbal pills are loaded with male aphrodisiac herbs that are known for centuries in traditional medicine to be effective in treating erectile problems, among other sexual disorders.

The major merits of using herbal sex pills over synthetic drugs are outlined below:-
• The greatest advantage of using herbal pills is that they do not scar you with unnecessary side effects and discomfort because they are made from 100% natural herbs.
• Herbal pills for Ed, take heed of your other issues too. They are known to increase sperm count and volume too which is impossible with synthetic drugs for ED.
Herbal pills are non – prescriptive. They do not need a doctor’s consent as they are clinically tested and proved, that rules out any chemical traces and so they are safe for consumption
• These pills offer long term and permanent benefits. They have beneficial effects on your prostate too.
• Herbal sex pills also helps you last longer in bed, helping you maintain a better ejaculatory control, thus improving the overall quality of one’s life.
• The erections achieved through herbal pills are firmer and longer lasting than compared to synthetic ED drugs, whose effects last only up to only an hour on an average.
• Herbal sex pills are not limited only to a certain section of the population. Rather they being all natural and safe for over 90% men

CaliPlus – an herbal Cialis is known to contain the most powerful aphrodisiac herb that tackles all ED issues effectively. It gives absolute sexual satisfaction against ED with no health hazards. CaliPlus also improves your potency with maximum health benefit at minimal cost. For more details on this herbal pill – visit its website –

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are impotence Injections the right choice to go for?

Studies have revealed that Impotence or erectile dysfunction is not a disease but rather a side-effect caused by certain body disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases or due to alcoholism, smoking, and drug abuse. Furthermore people who are suffering from stress, depression and anxiety have higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Ageing is also one of the major reasons for impotence.

Today there are a number of treatments available for impotence including prescription pills (Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra), non-prescription pills (CaliPlus), surgeries, impotence injections etc

All the methods mentioned above are well known except “impotence injections”.

Impotence Injections

These injections came in focus in the 1990s and since then, many people are using them for getting erection. Impotence injections are used to dilate and relax blood vessels in the penis which allows more blood to flow into it. These injections are made up of a drug called Papaverine responsible for dilating blood vessels of the penis.

Now a days, impotence injections make use of a mixture of prostaglandin, Papaverine and phentolamine. However keep one thing in mind that these injections should be taken only after the advice of certified doctors. These doctors will finalize your dosage depending on your health status.

The impotence injections are completely painless and make use of fine syringes similar to those of diabetes syringes.

The main drawback of impotence injection is its side-effect i.e. Priapism (referred to as a long and painful erection). Furthermore, people who are suffering from blood related illnesses like sickle cell anemia, leukemia, bone marrow cancer and multiple myeloma can’t take these injections.

Thus it is advisable to opt for a completely safe medication which does not cause any nasty side-effects.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stop Impotence Naturally with Herbal Pills!!

Herbal stop impotence pills are designed meticulously assuring safety and effectiveness. They are your answer of getting rid of ED almost easily and quickly without the prevalence of undue side effects.

Watch out for the best herbal ingredients that trigger a boost to male libido and stop ED permanently...

Arginine hydrochloride:
A semi-essential amino acid that gets converted to nitric oxide in the body, which in turn causes dilation (expansion) of blood vessels. Thus, it helps to ease sexual dysfunction by directing the blood flow to the parts where dilation occurs without unnecessary increase in the blood pressure.

Is an essential amino acid. It helps to synthesize dopamine, noradrenalin and adrenaline in our body, which help to release the endocrine hormones that are responsible for sex drive, fertility, metabolism, and for proper working of the immune system. Dopamine also eases your mind by reducing depressive moods.

L argentine:
This nutrient is designed for peak sexual performance. Current studies support the use of argentine supplements to ensure that nitric oxide secretion is sufficient to keep blood flowing to the penis which is essential for male libido.

Siberian ginseng:
It supports the production of the hormone testosterone. This helps to increase sex drive and get rid of impotence. It is stimulating and restorative, improving energy, stamina, strength, alertness and concentration.

Zinc is needed for the production of testosterone. Zinc content of the prostate gland and sperm is higher than in any other part of the body. The actual Zinc requirements can also be met through Zinc supplements as lack of Zinc triggers various sexual disorders.

Mucuna pruriens:
It improves libido and sexual behavior by stimulating the release of testosterone in the body. It is also known to enhance the sperm count.

A combination of the above herbs works wonders in guaranteeing longer lasting, firm erections along with going in for multiple sexual attempts. Within the boundaries of herbal ED pills – CaliPlus – also called Herbal Cialis is noted to be highly efficient in tackling Ed with greater efficacy and much positive results. CaliPlus is a wonderful combination of most of the herbal ingredients specified above; hence it’s a known name in combating ED naturally. Any further details or queries related to CaliPlus – visit its website –

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Smoking is related with Erectile Dysfunction?

Smoking is a practice which later on turns into addiction. During smoking a substance most commonly tobacco is burned and the smoke tasted or inhaled. Due to the presence of several harmful chemicals in tobacco including nicotine and other carcinogens, smoking becomes a major threat to human health. It may results in a number of general and sexual health problems.

General health problems comprise of esophagus, pharynx, and bladder cancers, respiratory diseases, stroke, heart diseases etc. However sexual health problems include erectile dysfunction or impotence, rapid ejaculation, low sexual desire etc.

Now many people think that how smoking can cause erection problem. An erection occurs when there is a proper flow of blood to the penile region with a healthy nervous system. During sexual stimulation, brain sends signals to the penile arteries, which then starts dilating. As a result penile arteries expand and allow more flow of blood through them causing firmer and harder erections. However penile arteries are delicate, small and can be easily damaged.

Smoking damages these blood vessels and interrupts with the flow of blood to the penile region resulting in erectile dysfunction. It can cause moderate to severe erectile dysfunction.

You can’t improve your erections until you stop smoking. Besides this, you can also opt for some good anti-impotence medication to curb your erection problem like CaliPlus. This herbal medication is 100% safe and does not cause any type of short-term and long-term side-effects. It not only improves your erections but also enhance you sexual desire and stamina. To know more about this natural stop impotence pills, visit

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

List of All Possible Treatments for Impotence!!

Impotence is the most common sexual dysfunction among men. It is characterized by lack of control over erections during sexual intercourse. Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) may be caused by certain physical and psychological factors i.e.

Physical Factors:

• Post surgical side-effects
• Birth defects
• Diseases like diabetes, liver disease, arterial sclerosis etc
• Smoking
• Alcoholism
• Ageing

Psychological Factors:

• Depression
• Stress
• Mental fatigue
• Relationships problem
• Lack of sexual interest
• Anxiety disorder

Furthermore there are a number of methods, prescription, non-prescription pills, drugs and medications are available in the market to stop impotence. These are listed below:

Latest and Modern Methods for Impotence:

Oral Drugs or pills:

• Viagra (Sildenafil citrate)
• Yohimbine hydrochloride
• Serotonin agonists
• Phentolamine

Implanted surgical penile devices:

• Inflatable implants
• Malleable implants
• Alprostadil pellet

Penile injected drugs:

• Alprostadil (Caverject)
• Papaverine hydrochloride
• Topical nitroglycerin
• Phentolamine

Penile surgery

• Vein ligation
• Artery repair surgery

Vaccum devices

Herbal Non prescription pills

• CaliPlus
• VigaPlus

Though all the above drugs, remedies are effective and popular but then most of them have side-effects. On the contrary, herbal medications like CaliPlus and VigaPlus have no side-effects and made up of herbal ingredients. Thus these are completely safe remedies to curb impotence.

Friday, July 10, 2009

CaliPlus – The new herbal Cialis…

Well, we all would be familiar with the word ED and so also with the numerous treatment options available to combat ED. One of them is Cialis – a synthetic drug. Cialis combats ED is all that we would be aware of, but what we are not aware of is the inside secrets of this drug that could actually at times be counter productive.

Here, starts the magic of the herbal Cialis - The new herbal Cialis alternatives like CaliPlus have managed to gain great popularity among users especially for their low price and lack of side effects. CaliPlus is a genuine herbal anti impotence pill that is designed out of the best aphrodisiac ingredients and plant extracts. Expect guaranteed 100% satisfaction and speedy effects only with CaliPlus.

Let’s note down the prominent distinguishing pointers between the two:

Herbal Cialis – CaliPlus
Devoid of side effects
Works within 0-15 minutes
Longer lasting effects
Contains potent, safe herbs and vitamins
Can be used by most men

Chemical Synthetic drug Cialis
Presents numerous unpleasant effects
At least requires 30 minutes
Lasts for not more than 4 hours
Completely chemical based
Not safe for everyone
Not Pocket – friendly

This gives us a rather clear picture of the hidden identity of Herbal Cialis versus Cialis. To order this highly effective Herbal Cialis or for any other queries or details regarding it – you can visit this website –

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top Rated Impotence Pills!!

Today’s market is full of impotence medications however only few of them are effective and popular. Some of these medications are synthetic and some are herbal. According to a recent survey, few of these medications are proved to be top rated impotence products. These are:

Viagra: - Viagra is an FDA approved medication prescribed for impotence. There are other generic versions of this medication also like penegra, zengra, kamagra. The key ingredient in Viagra is “Sildenafil Citrate”. This ingredient helps the muscles of penis to relax resulting in more flow of blood into the penis.

However, Viagra is a prescription pill which has a number of side-effects i.e. nausea, dizziness, blindness etc.

Cialis: - It is another medication which has been approved by the FDA. Cialis is made up of a key ingredient “Tadalafil”. This pill inhibits PDE-5 enzyme responsible for causing impotence in men. Cialis effect lasts up to 36 hours.

However, cialis is also a prescription pill. It also causes numerous side-effects like headache, nausea, blindness etc.

Levitra: - Another prescription medication for erectile dysfunction. This pill works effectively to enhance sexual stamina and desire. It improves your erection a lot. But being a synthetic medication, it also has numerous side-effects.

CaliPlus: - The highly beneficial herbal medication. CaliPlus effect lasts up to 36 hours and works within 15 minutes of ingestion. It is made up of effective herbs that curb impotence problem completely. CaliPlus is a BEST natural stop impotence pill and being a natural supplement it has no side-effects at all. To know more about this natural stop impotence pill, visit

Monday, July 6, 2009

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)… Know the hidden facts that link the two disorders…

Buy natural treat impotence medication…

Have you heard of condition – Obesity – Erectile condition? Well, knowledge of this disorder actually goes a long way in understanding that there is a substantial relation between ED and obesity. Rather, if ED is a very common sexual disorder, obesity is a very common general disorder striking millions. This again goes on to prove their linkage. But, this was just the base; rather there is a deeper analysis that goes on to prove the relation between ED and obesity.

Get the true facts pictured today…
• An obese person faces a risk of decreased blood circulation to the penile area, owing to the excess body fat that’s build on the blood vessels.
• Moreover, in an obese person the supply of nitric oxide from the epithelial layer of the heart to stimulate the penis for erection is limited.
• The epithelial layer is damaged due to excessive insulin production in obese persons because of the presence of bad cholesterol.
• Thus, all the prime factors (blood flow, Nitric oxide) that actually go on to provide firm erections are disrupted in obese persons, and therefore we can picture a linkage between the two.

However, whatever be the cause of your ED, the bigger picture states that ED is highly curable and a pioneer in this area of Anti ED herbal pills is CaliPlus – Best natural stop impotence pills. A trademark in the herbal arena that has unique herbal ingredients that fights ED effectively from the roots without a nuance of unpleasant side effects –For further details, visit –

Sunday, June 28, 2009

CaliPlus Effective and Potent Ingredients!!

CaliPlus is an herbal anti-impotence formula which has been introduced by VitoPharma to get rid of erection problems. This product has given a great competition to all the popular synthetic prescription medications available in the market due to its effective formulation consisting of potent herbs which are listed below:

Arginine hydrochloride: - Arginine hydrochloride is a semi-essential amino acid that gets converted to nitric oxide in the body. This nitric oxide results in dilation or expansion of penile blood vessels enabling the flow of more blood. Thus improves erection process.

L-Phenylalanine: -It is an essential amino acid which synthesis dopamine, noradrenalin and adrenaline in the body. This stimulates the production of endocrine hormones that are responsible for enhancing sexual drive, fertility, and metabolism. Furthermore it also boosts your mood.

Siberian ginseng: - It is also known as “eleuthero”. It acts as a stimulator of the circulatory system thereby increasing flow of blood to the genital region thus enhancing erections. This herb increases sexual potency and vitality. Siberian ginseng is known to increase longevity, testosterone production and maintains overall reproductive health. It is also used by Russian people to help the body adapt to stressful conditions.

Mucuna pruriens: - It has aphrodisiac properties and thus acts as a good nervine tonic. This herb seed is effective against Oligospermia and is useful in increasing sperm count. Mucuna pruriens is also helpful in the treatment of spermatorrhea and other genitourinary system diseases.

Furthermore it improves libido and sexual response by stimulating the production of testosterone in the body.

Friday, June 12, 2009

CaliPlus- VitoPharma Incredible Herbal Remedy For Erectile dysfunction!!

Our research team of VitoPharma did a thorough research on erectile dysfunction (ED) and carefully selected herbs from nature to manufacture a medicine called CaliPlus. CaliPlus is an herbal medication which curbs erectile dysfunction naturally without causing any side-effects. It is made up of herbs which are highly effective and have aphrodisiacal properties to enhance sexual desire and stamina in individuals.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a problem triggered by inadequate blood flow. It is characterized by the inability of a man to sustain erection for long during sexual intercourse.

CaliPlus improves your erection within 15 minutes of ingestion and its effects last up to 36 hours. This natural remedy works by improving blood flow to the penile region. It helps you to enjoy sex for a longer period. CaliPlus is a non prescription remedy which is 100% safe. Furthermore it is very much cost effective. One bottle of CaliPlus contains 60 tablets, worth $65.00 only. For more details visit

Monday, June 8, 2009

Impotence: Myths and Facts!!

Erectile dysfunction is most commonly known as impotence. It is a very prevalent sexual dysfunction harming men. However every individual has different opinion for impotency which leads to various misconceptions like

Myth 1:- A child cannot be produced by an impotent man.

Fact 1: - Only an infertile man cannot produce enough sperm to be a father of a child. However an impotent man can be fertile and produce child. Being impotent doesn’t mean you are sterile.

Myth 2: - Not all men experience impotence.

Fact 2: - It is untrue. At least once in life, all men over the age of 30 suffer from impotence. Although for some individuals, it will be temporary and for some, it will be permanent.

Myth 3: - Erectile dysfunction is “all in the mind” only.

Fact 3: - Impotence can be caused by psychological factors also but majority of cases of impotence occur due to physical factors. Only 20 % of male impotence is due to psychological conditions while rest comes under physical condition such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, cancer and surgery.

Myth 4: - Impotence is a sign of ageing.

Fact 4: - This is untrue, although it is evident that the chances of experiencing impotence increases with age but this is mainly because of the increased chances of having underlying physical conditions like diabetes, hypertension or heart diseases.

Myth 5: - Impotence is not curable

Fact 5: -It is wrong to say that impotence can’t be cured. A number of effective medicines are now a days available in the market to curb impotence including herbal and synthetic medications. However herbal medications are preferred due to their safe usage. CaliPlus is one such effective herbal formulation that not only improves your erection strength but also your sexual desire and stamina.

Myth 6: - Impotence is a male problem.

Fact 6: - Impotence not only hampers sexual life but also emotional relationship. So it is completely irrelevant to say that impotence is a male problem as it affects both the partners equally. Thus it is very essential to discuss all the problems without any hesitation among each other.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Impotence Injections Vs Herbal Medications

Among various erectile dysfunction medications, impotence injections or shots are getting prevalent. These types of injections use a drug known as papervine which dilates blood vessels so as to allow proper flow of blood to the penile region resulting in firmer and harder erections.

These shots or injections should be given by n expert doctor. After taking the injection, results will be evident in 10-15 minutes. Injections are effective but then it also has some drawbacks like

 It cannot be taken more than 3 days a week
 It is not recommended for men who has blood-related illnesses such as leukemia, sickle cell anemia etc.
 It may results in Priapism (It means long and painful erections). However the chance of Priapism is very less.

Hence it is always preferred to take herbal medications which have no secondary side-effects. Morever herbal medicines mainly does not require any prescription from doctor and are 100% safe i.e. CaliPlus. It is an herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction which not only improves your erections naturally but also enhances your sexual stamina and desire.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Types of Impotence!!

Impotence is not just a physical problem but a mental problem as well. By keeping this fact in mind, impotence is divided into two categories:-

Functional impotence: - In this type, impotence mainly occur due to improper bodily functions which affects the ability of a man to attain healthy erection. Because of the improper body functions, penis does not get adequate amount of blood and thus erection problem occurs. Improper body functions include low or high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problem etc.

Psychosomatic impotence: - This type of impotence occurs due to psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, depression. It will cause relationship problems and divorce also. Thus it’s better to discuss your problem openly with your partner.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Low Libido: A key Factor responsible for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the term which is now known by every man. It is the most commonly found sexual dysfunction in which a man becomes unable to sustain erection for satisfactory intercourse. According to researches and studies conducted on erectile dysfunction, there are certain reasons behind it however one of them is “Low Libido”. Low libido or low sexual desire restricts couple in reaching orgasms.

Today’s lifestyle, eating habits, stress leads to such problems like low libido or erectile dysfunction. However you can improve your libido by following the given below tips:

Get rid of: smoking, drinking and recreational drugs because they all are libido killers.

Healthy Diet: Consuming processed and fast food leads to obesity which is again a reason for low libido. Recent researches revealed that to have a healthy sexual life, one should consume healthy food i.e. vegetables, fruits etc.

Exercise: it doesn’t mean that you have to workout in gym for 4-5 hours instead a 30 minutes brisk walk will be helpful.

Supplement: Herbal supplement “CaliPlus” not only curbs your erection problem completely but also improves your libido. Being an herbal supplement it does not cause any side-effects. CaliPlus works within 15 minutes and its effect last up to 36 hours. You just have to consume 2 tablets daily, 15 minutes before any sexual activity with a glass of water.

Kick Out Erectile Dysfunction Naturally with CaliPlus Herbal Pills!

Today market is flooded with many products that claim to cure erectile dysfunction by taking 2 or 3 doses, which is far from reality.

Is it a magic or what?
How any medication can cure sexual dysfunction within a day or 2?

Some of these medications are non prescription pills which come with a number of side effects. Thus they are not preferred however herbal pills are quite safe and effective i.e. CaliPlusTM – erectile dysfunction pills are made up of potent herbs that naturally curb erection problem. It not only improves your erections but also enhances your stamina and sexual performances.

CaliPlus are sublingual pills which can be easily digested by the body and works within 15 minutes after ingestion. It is recommended to take 2 tablets, 15minutes prior to any sexual activity. This non-prescription product is 100% safe and has no side-effects.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stress and Erectile dysfunction

In the various triggers linked to erectile dysfunction – stress has a pivotal role to play. The reality that stress is an important risk factor comes as no surprise owing to the way we are leading our lives. We briefly state the steps in which your ongoing stress gradually causes erectile dysfunction and in turn hampers your sexual life:
 The sympathetic nervous system releases a hormone – Cortisol, that’s responsible for making humans face a situation or run away from it.
 An increase in Cortisol results in an increase in blood pressure and blood flow to organs that are needed in rapid activity, consequently decreasing blood flow to organs not needed in rapid activity.
 Here comes the role of sex organs. The sex organs being not essential for rapid activity receive less blood flow – thereby resulting in a loss of erection, on the event of stressful situation.

Thus, whatever be the stress you experience – whether it’s personal or professional, it is associated with low testosterone levels – a major contributor to erectile dysfunction. However, the hope is that ED is curable. With CaliPlus – an effective herbal pill, you can achieve that perfect erection that would leave a positive effect on both you and your partner everlastingly!

Friday, April 17, 2009

How Erectile Dysfunction get Diagnosed?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain erections suitable enough for satisfactory intercourse. There are several reasons behind erectile dysfunction thus before going for any treatment one should know the basic reason behind it.

Now a day’s many diagnostic methods are available for erectile dysfunction which are as follow:

Physical examination: - Physical examination is quite helpful in knowing the exact reason of erectile dysfunction like nervous system dysfunction, abnormal secondary sex characteristics and lack of sensation in penis.

Laboratory tests: - Certain laboratory examinations meant for diagnosing erectile dysfunction are blood tests, urine analysis, lipid test and different enzyme test.

Patient history: - sexual histories of some patient help to reveal the cause of erectile dysfunction. It can show the occurrence of other diseases which may cause erectile dysfunction

Psychological analysis- it involves series of interviews and questionnaires which helps in knowing psychological reason behind erectile dysfunction.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why CaliPlus?

This is a valid question. Why should you try CaliPlus over other forms of treatments? What are the benefits that you should expect from CaliPlus? These 2 questions have answers and they will be explained in this post.

At VitoPharma, our team of experts used to get a lot of emails and questions about an alternative and natural solution for Erectile Dysfunction. It is then that we understood that a safe and proper solution for ED is urgent and the need of the hour. Medicines like Cialis or Viagra do provide temporary relief but are accompanied by a host of side-effects. Our well-wishers needed the very best in treatment and NO side-effects at all.

Our experts set out on a mission to search for the most ideal set of ingredients. This took a lot of time but what they came out with is a product that proved to be entirely revolutionary. CaliPlus is a product that provides erections in just 15 minutes. No side-effects. No risky surgeries. Purely economical and a lot more.

Are you willing to let CaliPlus revolutionise your life?

What are the causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Most men think wrong, atleast where ED is concerned. They think that losing erections is a natural process and part of life. They resign themselves to their fate and choose not to take any solid action in this regard. Do you think the same way too?

In this post, we will examine the main causes of ED. They are as under:

1. Health concerns:

A lot of people suffer from ailments that hamper the flow of blood to the penis. Some of these conditions are:
i. High blood pressure
ii. Diabetes
iii. Heart disease
iv. High cholesterol
v. Prostrate concerns
vi. Kidney ailments

2. Medication:

Sometimes the wrong medication affects your ability to achieve a proper erection. If your loss of erection is due to the wrong prescription, then do get in touch with your Doctor to get it changed.

3. Lifetyle:

The way you live severely affects your erections. Some of the lifestyle factors are as under:

i. Overeating and obesity
ii. Smoking
iii. Alcohol abuse
iv. Drug abuse

Whatever be the cause of your condition, there is only one safe and effective solution. This solution is called CaliPlus. Have you tried it yet?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Erectile Dysfunction could be a pointer to heart disease!

Yes, erectile dysfunction could be a pointer that you could be suffering from an underlying heart ailment. As we all know, our body is networked by arteries and veins; any obstruction in these blood vessels would interfere with the normal functioning of our body. So, when plaque is deposited on the inner lining of these vessels, the flow of blood, especially, to the heart and penis is affected.

Blocked arterial condition is responsible for ED as well as heart disease and is called atherosclerosis. This condition narrows your arteries and makes them harder, thus obstructing the flow of blood to various parts of the body. Erectile dysfunction is a pointer to heart disease because the arteries in the penis are smaller when compared to those of the heart. Hence, the blood flow in the penis is affected faster than the blood flow to your heart. Therefore, if you start having symptoms of ED, it would be wise to get yourself checked for a heart ailment too.

ED may not pose a risk to your life, but heart disease will. Get yourself tested before its too late.

CaliPlus will take care of the ED condition for you!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What is erectile dysfunction and how does it affect you?

Erectile dysfunction is a humiliating sexual deficiency that renders a man ineffective during sex. A victim of this tortous condition will suddenly be very low on morale and confidence. These men then prefer to stay away from relationships and women.

What is important to know is that at least 2 out of 5 men suffer from ED. You should realise that you are not alone and should seek a solution immediately. CaliPlus is a tablet that will provide you with the solution and erections that you seek.

Are you ready to experience a return to proper sex life?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Bye to Erectile Dysfunction

CaliPlus is nature’s answer to weak male erections. A lot of men have been benefiting from the herbal properties of this medicine. The affiliates are rejoicing too – CaliPlus is a runaway hit!

Erection occurs when blood flow rushes into the vessels of the penis. A person suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) cannot pump enough blood flow to boost the erection process. CaliPlus is a potent composition of herbs that triggers the sex glands and increases blood accumulation in the erectile tissues and thus produces strong erections.CaliPlus coerces the brain to emit signals to the nerves down in the genitals to foster hard and easy erections. Taking two tablets of CaliPlus guarantee harder erections and better libido for up to 36 hours.


Arginine hydrochloride
A semi-essential amino acid that gets converted to nitric oxide in the body, which in turn causes expansion of blood vessels. Thus, it helps to ease sexual dysfunction by directing
the blood flow without increase in the blood pressure.

Is an essential amino acid. It helps to synthesize dopamine, noradrenalin and adrenaline in our body, which help to release the endocrine hormones that are responsible for sex drive, fertility, metabolism, and for proper working of the immune system.

Siberian ginseng
Supports the production of the hormone testosterone. This helps to increase sex drive and get rid of impotence.

Mucuna pruriens
Improves libido and sexual behavior by stimulating the release of testosterone in the body. It is also known to enhance the sperm count.