Thursday, August 6, 2009

Which Surgeries can Cause Erectile dysfunction?

Many people think that how surgeries can cause erectile dysfunction if it is one of the treatments of the same ailment. Besides diabetes, vascular diseases, anxiety, depression, smoking, alcohol, surgery too also leads to impotence or erectile dysfunction. Surgeries which results in erection problem are:

• Prostate surgery (used to cure prostate cancer)
• Bladder surgery (used to treat bladder cancer)
• Colon surgery
• Rectum surgery

These surgeries increase a higher risk of impotence in men and other complications also.

How Do These Surgeries Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

People undergoing the above mentioned surgeries suffer from erectile dysfunction because during these surgeries the nerves and tissues covering the affected area are operated upon. Due to which there are chances of nerves and blood vessels located around the prostate gland to get injured. This result in temporary damage to erection process but sometime the damage is permanent also.

Is there any technique to minimize the chances of impotence during these surgeries?

Yes there is one such technique known as “nerve-sparing technique”. In this method the nerve bundles which play a vital role during erection process are separated from the prostate before operating the person for prostate cancer. It lowers the chances of impotence but if cancer has spread to these nerves then doctor should have bound to cut off them.

Furthermore surgeries are meant to cure erectile dysfunction also but these are used mainly in case of severe erection problem or to get fast results. No doubt, these surgeries are highly effective but then they are expensive, painful and have a number of secondary complications.Thus are not preferred much.


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