Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Understanding the Sexual Disorder – Erectile Dysfunction in a Nutshell!!

The Ailment – Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is commonly an age-related sexual problem. The inability of men to develop firm and long lasting erections is referred to as erectile dysfunction. Erectile problem results from penile numbness and results in incomplete sexual intercourse. The limp penis loses its erection and drops down after sometime of your indulgence in sex thus leaving your partner unfulfilled.

How does an Erection occur?
The human penis has two cylindrical, sponge-like structures that run length wise parallel to the tube that carries semen and urine. With the sexual arousal taking place in a man, the nerve impulses work towards increasing the flow of blood to the cylinders in the penis to a drastic level - this increase of blood results in expanding the sponge-like structures and producing an erection by stiffening as well as straightening the penis.

If the sexual arousal is maintained, the penis is also firm and hard. With ejaculation and sexual arousal coming to an end, the erection also ceases making the penis return to its non-erect state. When there is a problem in this process and it gets difficult to maintain the erection for the duration of the intercourse, the person is said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Some Major Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

• Heart disease
• Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
• Treatments for prostate cancer
• Multiple sclerosis
• Hormonal disorders such as low testosterone
• Tobacco and Alcohol usage
• Certain prescription medications like anti - depressants
• Obesity
• Diabetes

The treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction:
There are many treatments available today for overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction needs immediate attention and requires effective treatment.

For having a proper sexual functioning of the penis, the treatments will be ranging from medications to surgery.
• Self medication is not at all suggested for erectile dysfunction; it can cause you more harm than good.

• The doctor may ask you to get certain tests done - for instance, you may have to go for an ultrasound, a Dynamic Infusion Cavernosometry and Cavernosography (DICC), neurological evaluation or a nocturnal tumescence test. Depending upon the physical or the psychological cause that is responsible for the erectile dysfunction in the victim, the doctor will be advancing with the treatment.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction does not naturally come with old age. There are usually other reasons why a man suffers this condition as oppose to what others tend to believe. One of the main contributors to Erectile Dysfunction is the condition of “Diabetes”
The Truth states that “Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction go hand in hand”. Sooner or later a diabetic patient faces erectile problems.

The American Diabetes Association cited sexual dysfunction as a complication of Diabetes. The incidence of Diabetes in men significantly increases the risk of sexual dysfunction.

The Scientific Truth:
The erection strength depends on blood flow to the blood vessels inside the penis. During the erection process, these blood vessels relax and widen to accommodate incoming blood and the erection is gained.

Diabetes and ED are related as some of the degenerative problems associated with diabetes include restricted blood flow and possible nerve damage which may be the main cause of most diabetic erectile dysfunction problems.

Another cause is, with higher glucose presence in blood, veins become constricted and high blood pressure is a certain consequence. Higher blood pressure further damages the blood carrying veins, reducing blood flow to penis and making erection process more complicated.

High blood sugar and high blood pressure when combines with higher cholesterol level makes blood vessels lose their ability to dilate. In this context penis loses its erection ability.

Other direct causes of diabetes and erectile dysfunction, apart from physiological or chronic health problem, are the intake of drugs like antidepressants, growing age; an unhealthy lifestyle that includes smoking, physical inactivity and obesity. Obesity places extra strain on body systems, thereby disrupting the delicate balance required to achieve an erection.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Impotence and High Blood Pressure Drugs!!

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is referred to as “weak or NO erections”. It is the inability of an individual to sustain erection during sexual intercourse. It may be caused by numerous factors including birth defects, stress, anxiety, depression, post surgical effects, low sexual desire, relationship problems, obesity and drug abuse.

Drugs which are causing impotence are high blood pressure drugs, sedatives, antidepressants, antihypertensive medicines, gastric disorder medicines, antihistamines, cancer medications, Dyslipidemia drugs, and Anti-Parkinson medicines.

It is a well known fact that strong erections need proper supply of blood to the penile region. High blood pressure medicines like diuretics lower blood pressure by decreasing blood volume. As a result the flow of blood to the penis gets reduced considerably. Beta blockers are also known to decrease blood flow to the penis. Impotence is one of the side-effect of high blood pressure drugs.

However not all blood pressure drugs leads to impotence. Angiostensin receptor blockers, calcium channel blockers, Alpha blockers and ace inhibitors do not decrease the supply of blood to the penis and thus do not cause impotence.

Angiotensin receptor blockers are Avalide, Cozaar, Diovan, Vasotec, Prinivil, Accupril, Aceon, Capoten, Mavic, Monopril, Micardis, Atacand, Teveten, Tarka, Lotensin etc. Thus it is advisable to consult doctor before opting for any medications so as to minimize the chances of impotence.