Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Impotence Treatments: Types and Side-effects!!

Impotence Treatment Type 1:- Testosterone Replacement therapy

One of the factors causing impotence is low testosterone level. Generally from the age of 30 onwards, the production of testosterone decreases from 1% to 2% per year resulting in low libido, poor sexual performance and impotence.

Testosterone replacement therapy helps in ending impotency by correcting hormonal deficiency. The side-effects associated with testosterone replacement therapy are elevated red blood cell counts, increased risk of stroke, prostate enlargement, liver deterioration etc.

Impotence Treatment Type 2:- Prescription Oral Drugs

The most commonly used impotency drugs are Viagra or Sildenafil, Cialis and Levitra. These drugs when taken orally increase the frequency and rigidity of erections within few minutes. However the prescription oral drugs have certain fatal side-effects like headache, stomach upset, vision problem, flushing, and runny nose. Furthermore they cause low blood pressure when taken with drugs like nitroglycerin or amyl nitrite

Impotence Treatment Type 3:- Natural Impotency Supplements

Natural impotency supplements are completely safe as they are made of herbal ingredients that are highly potent and effective. These herbal ingredients have been known from centuries for their sexual enhancement properties. Natural impotency supplements are designed in such a way that they cure impotence naturally without causing any side-effects. These impotency supplements are now a days available online at a very reasonable price. CaliPlus is the most renowned natural impotency supplement that improves erection strength within 15 minutes. Its effect lasts up to 36 hours. CaliPlus non-prescription impotency supplement doesn’t require any prescription or approval from doctor as it is completely safe for usage. CaliPlus enhances sexual desire and stamina. It enables the user to achieve harder and firmer erections within few minutes. CaliPlus ends impotence or erection problem permanently. Thus get rid of the disastrous impotence problem in a natural way with the help of potent impotency supplement –CaliPlus. To know more about CaliPlus, Visit

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Male Impotence: - Risk factors and Treatments!!

The sexual problems which always remained a part of discussion among men are- Erectile dysfunction or Impotence and premature ejaculation. Impotence may be defined as the total inability to achieve erection, or a tendency to maintain only short erections. While premature ejaculation is the sexual disorder in which a man ejaculates too soon before his partner reaches orgasms.

Both sexual disorders are getting highly prevalent among men. But more cases have been reported of Male impotence. Scientifically erection occurs due to mental and sensory stimulation. Normally during sexual arousal brain sends a message down the spinal cord and into the nerves of penis. The penis nerve endings releases neurotransmitters that signal the corpora cavernosa to relax and fill up the blood. As a result, penis gets filled with the blood, enlarges and stiffens. For a healthy erection, penis must be a 90o angle however male impotence renders the penis at 0o- 33o angle.

Impotence is the outcome of several factors like certain surgical operation which damages nerves and arteries around the penis may cause male impotence, men with diabetes experience impotence, many medicines produce impotence as a side-effect, an injury of spinal cord, bladder, and pelvis leads to male impotence. Furthermore other causes include smoking, alcohol consumption, hormonal abnormalities etc.

Earlier the standard treatments for male impotence were penile implants and long term psychotherapy. However today a variety of popular impotence treatments are available: vaccum devices, injected drugs, oral drugs, herbal pills, and surgically implanted devices. Among these, herbal pills are now a days gaining immense popularity as a BEST impotence treatment among men. It is because they are completely safe, has no nasty side-effects and thus can be useful for long-term usage. Herbal pills are considered to be highly effective, reliable and fast in curbing impotence. These pills acts on the root cause of the problem thereby ending it permanently. CaliPlus is one such herbal male impotence supplement which works within 15 minutes of ingestion and remain active up to 36 hours. This male impotence supplement gives you firmer and harder erections within few minutes of consumption without any side-effect. To know more about this innovative male impotence supplement, visit

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Impotence Causes and Natural Cures!!

Everyone knows that impotence or erectile dysfunction is referred to the inability of a man to achieve or maintain erection for satisfactory intercourse. But did you know that impotence is a sexual health problem which can be cured naturally?

Yes, both impotence causes and cures are many i.e.

Impotence Causes

Stress and depression: - They affect body, mind and sexual life
Lack of exercise: - men who do little physical activity are prime candidates for erectile dysfunction and impotence.
Obesity: Obese men who have high body mass index are more likely to suffer from impotence
Diabetes: - Diabetes may be a major cause of impotence
Smoking and alcohol consumption: - these may contribute to impotence as both will affect the flow of blood towards penile region.
Drug abuse: - antidepressants, sedatives and antihypertensive drugs may cause impotence
• Strokes, and prostate surgery may results in impotence
The above mentioned factors are the most possible impotence causes.

Natural Impotence Cures

Recent study revealed that in most of the cases, impotence is caused due to high fat diet that can block the blood flow causing poor erections. Here given below are certain natural impotence cures-

• Keep your body fat low. Avoid processed foods, and fats food items to minimize the chance of impotence
• Avoid animal products as they contain high levels of cholesterol. Cholesterol blocks the arteries and allows less blood to flow to the genital region.
• Exercise regularly as it will keep your weight under control and burns extra calories which are one of the major impotence causes
• Try taking more of vitamin A as in some cases Vitamin A deficiency may leads to impotence
• Take more of fruits and vegetables to get proper nutrients
• Else you can try some nutritional herbal impotence remedy that fulfils the body’s nutritional requirement i.e. CaliPlus. This natural stop impotence remedy helps you achieve stronger and firmer erections just within 15 minutes. Its effect lasts up to 36 hours. CaliPlus natural stop impotence remedy is made of herbs that have incredible sexual enhancement properties which improves the circulation of blood towards penile region thereby promoting healthy erections. It also enhances sexual stamina and energy. To know more about this unique herbal impotence remedy visit,