Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Venous ligation and Vascular Reconstructive Surgeries to Treat Impotence!!

Apart from penile implants, there are two other surgical methods to treat impotence. However all these surgical methods are painful, expensive and causes a number of secondary complications. The two surgical methods are:

Venous ligation

This surgery includes removal of problematic veins which can cause leakage of blood. This leakage of blood restricts supply of proper blood to the penis. Thus by removing these veins, flow of blood to the penis increases.

This surgery is rarely recommended by the doctors due to a number of health risks associated with it. Secondary complications and health risks include nerve damage, scar issue etc. Venous ligation is considered to be an experimental surgery

Vascular Reconstructive Surgery

This surgery involves bypassing blocked veins or arteries by transferring a vein from the leg and connecting it to create a path to the penis. It is mainly used to remove blockage of arteries and veins. Doctors recommend this surgery to a person with local arterial blockage. It is performed to improve the blood flow.

Due to a number of complications associated with surgeries, doctors recommend safe herbal medications to combat impotence.

Herbal anti-impotence medications are highly effective due to the presence of beneficial herbs. This herbal ingredient works naturally to curb erectile dysfunction. One such medication is VigaPlus

CaliPlus is a natural remedy which works within 15 minutes of consumption. Its effect lasts up to 36 hours. These sublingual pills are easily assimilated by the body and come with 90 days money back guarantee. To know more about CaliPlus and its effect on impotence, visit

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