Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Smoking is related with Erectile Dysfunction?

Smoking is a practice which later on turns into addiction. During smoking a substance most commonly tobacco is burned and the smoke tasted or inhaled. Due to the presence of several harmful chemicals in tobacco including nicotine and other carcinogens, smoking becomes a major threat to human health. It may results in a number of general and sexual health problems.

General health problems comprise of esophagus, pharynx, and bladder cancers, respiratory diseases, stroke, heart diseases etc. However sexual health problems include erectile dysfunction or impotence, rapid ejaculation, low sexual desire etc.

Now many people think that how smoking can cause erection problem. An erection occurs when there is a proper flow of blood to the penile region with a healthy nervous system. During sexual stimulation, brain sends signals to the penile arteries, which then starts dilating. As a result penile arteries expand and allow more flow of blood through them causing firmer and harder erections. However penile arteries are delicate, small and can be easily damaged.

Smoking damages these blood vessels and interrupts with the flow of blood to the penile region resulting in erectile dysfunction. It can cause moderate to severe erectile dysfunction.

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