Monday, July 6, 2009

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)… Know the hidden facts that link the two disorders…

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Have you heard of condition – Obesity – Erectile condition? Well, knowledge of this disorder actually goes a long way in understanding that there is a substantial relation between ED and obesity. Rather, if ED is a very common sexual disorder, obesity is a very common general disorder striking millions. This again goes on to prove their linkage. But, this was just the base; rather there is a deeper analysis that goes on to prove the relation between ED and obesity.

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• An obese person faces a risk of decreased blood circulation to the penile area, owing to the excess body fat that’s build on the blood vessels.
• Moreover, in an obese person the supply of nitric oxide from the epithelial layer of the heart to stimulate the penis for erection is limited.
• The epithelial layer is damaged due to excessive insulin production in obese persons because of the presence of bad cholesterol.
• Thus, all the prime factors (blood flow, Nitric oxide) that actually go on to provide firm erections are disrupted in obese persons, and therefore we can picture a linkage between the two.

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