Monday, October 12, 2009

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Home Remedies!!

Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction (ED). It is the inability in men to maintain or sustain erection sufficient enough for satisfactory intercourse. Now a days this sexual problem affects individuals of almost all age group i.e. young and adults but most commonly found in men above 65 years of age. The factors causing erectile dysfunction are many including physical and psychological issues i.e.

Physical Factors:

• Heart disease, nerve disorders, circulatory problems, diabetes
• Side-effects of drugs like anti-inflammatory medications, tranquilizers, B.P., anti-depressants
• Testosterone and hormone low levels, prostate surgery, alcohol excessive use and smoking

Psychological Factors:

• Stress, depression and anxiety

Some of the Home Remedies of Erectile dysfunction:

If your erection problem is occasional or temporary you can try some home remedies for impotence i.e.

• Keep your weight under control as obesity leads to B.P., Heart diseases, diabetes. These all diseases are directly linked to impotence.
• Triggers your sexual health by exercising
• Quit smoking and avoid alcohol intake
• Go for more foreplay
• Avoid stress and tension as they can reduce your libido.

However if impotence condition is permanent you can either try synthetic medications or herbal medications. Herbal medications consist of natural ingredients that are completely safe, on the other hand synthetic medications consist of chemical ingredients which are harmful and have unpleasant side-effects. The most popular herbal anti-impotence supplement “CaliPlus” works fast and quickly within 15 minutes of consumption and gives harder and firmer erections.

CaliPlus naturally improves circulation of blood towards penile region and gives firmer erections. Its effect lasts up to 36 hours. CaliPlus is completely safe with no nasty side-effects

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