Friday, April 17, 2009

How Erectile Dysfunction get Diagnosed?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain erections suitable enough for satisfactory intercourse. There are several reasons behind erectile dysfunction thus before going for any treatment one should know the basic reason behind it.

Now a day’s many diagnostic methods are available for erectile dysfunction which are as follow:

Physical examination: - Physical examination is quite helpful in knowing the exact reason of erectile dysfunction like nervous system dysfunction, abnormal secondary sex characteristics and lack of sensation in penis.

Laboratory tests: - Certain laboratory examinations meant for diagnosing erectile dysfunction are blood tests, urine analysis, lipid test and different enzyme test.

Patient history: - sexual histories of some patient help to reveal the cause of erectile dysfunction. It can show the occurrence of other diseases which may cause erectile dysfunction

Psychological analysis- it involves series of interviews and questionnaires which helps in knowing psychological reason behind erectile dysfunction.

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  1. If you are a victim of erectile dysfunction or ED and are eager to get rid of the disorder at the earliest, you should be able to identify the potential causes responsible for your erectile dysfunction before starting off treatment with any medication or therapy. Further, as you visit the causes of ED section of, you would get to know that there are definite factors responsible for erectile dysfunction in men, namely, vascular disease, nervous disease, psychological problems, systemic disease et al. But, before treating your ED with any anti-impotence drug, consult the physician properly and use medicines in accordance with his instructions only.