Saturday, July 31, 2010

Diabetes and Impotency Problem!!

A unsatisfactory sexual life may be attributed to certain factors including unhealthy lifestyle, certain health ailments, injury, and psychological factors. However the biggest obstacle restricting couples from enjoying sex is impotence. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to sustain erection during sexual intercourse. It may results due to certain physical and psychological factors including stress, depression, anxiety, injury, sexual abuse, low sexual desire and health ailments like diabetes.

People who suffer from diabetes have higher chances of experiencing impotence or erectile dysfunction. According to recent research, 38% of diabetic men have been reported to suffer impotency problem. Moreover most diabetic men suffer major depression and anxiety disorders which may leads to impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes may damage the tissue and nerves in the penis affecting the circulation of blood adversely. As a results an individual may experience weak or poor erections. Thus it is essential to keep your blodo sugar level under control. Moreover impotency issue can be easily resolved by natural male impotence supplements i.e. CaliPlus.

CaliPlus is an innovative over-the-counter male impotence remedy that gives you stronger and firmer erections within 15 minutes. CaliPlus male impotence remedy show its effect up to 36 hours. It enhances your sexual desire and stamina thereby improving your performance in bed. CaliPlus male impotence remedy is 100% safe and has no nasty side-effects. It helps you overcome your erection problem permanently and naturally. To know more about this effective and safe impotency solution, visit

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