Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Erectile Dysfunction: An Adverse Effect of Alcohol Consumption!!

We all know that alcohol consumption affects the social and physical aspects of an individual life but today we will discuss its effect on sexual life. However the intensity of damage depends on the amount of alcohol consumed and frequency at which a man drinks. According to many researches, alcohol consumption may results in certain serious sexual problems i.e.

• Decreased sexual desire
• Enhanced sexual aggression
• Difficulty in sustaining and maintaining erections
• Delayed ejaculation
• Infertility

However the major sexual problem reported to have with alcohol consumption is erectile dysfunction or impotence. Alcohol may leads to Hypogonodism in men which is referred to as decreased or absent production of hormones from the sex glands. As a results poor erections occur.

Moreover if in case a man succeeds in getting an erection, he may find difficulty in maintaining it. Excessive alcohol consumption may also leads to health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension which in turn results in erectile dysfunction or impotence. Thus you need a medication that is effective with alcohol also that is CaliPlus. CaliPlus is a natural male impotence supplement that works within 15 minutes of consumption and remain effective up to 36 hours.

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