Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Erectile Dysfunction – A common sexual disorder

Many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction feel embarrassed about it and do not want to talk to their doctor about it. However, millions of men suffer from this sexual disorder and it really is more common that you ever imagined. Men who suffer from this problem and do not discuss about it with his doctor or loved ones end up with broken relationships/divorces and emotional tensions.

Erectile Dysfunction is caused due to numerous issues but it is mainly due to physical and psychological causes. Physical causes include diabetes, kidney problems, high blood pressure, surgery, trauma, heavy smoking, side effects of medication whereas psychological causes include stress, depression and sexual or relationship fears.

Almost all men deal with ED at some point in their lives usually during their 40s and at any point thereafter. Just remember that erectile dysfunction happens to all men, you are not alone – so take the proper treatment that can help you get your love life back on track.

There are many synthetic drugs available today for aiding men suffering from ED but they carry with them the threat of harmful side effects. Today herbal medicines which are flooding the market have botanical herbs that help in healing of impotence without any side effects. CaliPlus anti impotence pill is an effective herbal remedy that is formulated with valuable herbs that help in combating impotency. For more information on this herbal pill visit its website

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