Friday, August 3, 2012

Overcome Erection Dysfunction with Herbal Supplements

Gone is the time when age was the major cause of erectile dysfunction. Statistics reveal that an alarming number of young men are affected by ED. To overcome their impotence problems men have either resorted to prescription drugs or natural herbal options to overcome their nightmare.

Hence the question always pops up as to which is a better option to consider. Are prescription drugs better or are natural solutions a better option? Let's discover both options so that we can get to know how to successfully deal with impotence.

Natural Supplements are very popular these days for combating ED. The fear of negative side effects has led to more men taking on natural enhancements instead of prescription drugs. Also, men who cannot afford to shell out large amounts of money on prescription ED drugs prefer to take the natural route as they are comparatively cheaper and do not require a doctor’s prescription. Besides, they can also be purchased online discreetly and in the privacy of one’s homes.

Prescription drugs for combating Ed should always be taken with a physician’s advice. It is reported that men who take prescription supplements experience long-lasting erection and quicker recharge. Prescription drugs need to be taken with caution; they cannot be taken if you are allergic, face kidney and intestine problem, sickle cell anemia or Peyronie's disease and eye disorders.  Men also experience side-effects with these pills.

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