Thursday, May 2, 2013

Type 2 Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

As we all know, a person’s overall and sexual health are interrelated.  Type 2 Diabetes is one such ailment that has a direct connection with a man’s sexual health.  Many men suffering from Type 2 Diabetes have at some point in their life faced erectile problems and this not only restricts it to sexual problem but also causes problems in relationships. 

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem when a man cannot sustain his erections for long and many men are not comfortable to discuss this problem with any one; but its very important that he confides and talks about it.  Men faced with this problem should start following a healthy lifestyle and intake of alcohol and smoking should be stopped.  Foods that are not high on fats and cholesterol should be taken.  Foods containing sugar should also be avoided.  Regular exercising is very important to keep the body metabolism and functions smooth and proper.

These days there are a lot of herbal supplements available that will help overcome the problem of impotency.  These herbal supplements are made of natural herbal extracts and are safe to use instead of the chemical based ones which come with a lot of side-effects.  These herbal pills are very effective and will solve the problem of impotency.

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