Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Obesity and Impotence

Sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits is leading to a disturbing rise in obesity cases. You are considered overweight if your BMI is greater than 25. Men who are obese are particularly at risk for developing impotence problems, because too much body fat disrupts physiological functions. For example, the heart has to work much harder to control normal circulation. As a consequence, stamina is also affected, and men with excess body fat may have difficulty in getting up the energy to perform. In addition, obese men are more likely to also suffer from type 2 diabetes. Erectile dysfunction is affecting the sexual life of many people and the major causes are circulatory trouble, reduced cardiac output,   smoking, alcohol and psychological conditions like depression, stress and anxiety.

Also, having healthy nutritional food, getting enough exercise and herbal supplements can not only improve a man's general health but also improve erectile function. At the same time, keep away from unsafe substances like tobacco and alcohol.  Herbal pills which are formulated using pure potent herbal ingredients gives firm long lasting erections and improves the penis health.

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