Friday, January 24, 2014

What causes Weak Erections and how does it disrupt Your Sex Life

Weak erections are also termed as erectile dysfunction or impotence. There can be many different factors that lead to weak erections. A person's physical and psychological health plays a vital role. Normal male erection is caused when blood flows in to the penis through the corpus cavernosa. When the brain releases signals to the nerves, the corpus cavernosa, relaxes and pumps blood into the male organ to stiffen it. The length of stiffness depends upon the period for which blood stays in the penis and it loses its firmness and returns to its normal size once blood flow is limited.

Any illness, ailment or improper functioning of nerves, muscles and blood vessels can lead to erectile dysfunction. Apart from these physical causes psychological causes also play their role in generating weak erections.

Diabetes type 2 is another disorder that causes weak erections in up to 50% of males. Overload of sugar in the blood can obstruct blood vessels and can also affect the nerves which lead to weak erections. Other diseases causing erectile dysfunction include cardio-vascular problems, neurological disorders, atherosclerosis, kidney and liver problems etc. It is stated that these disorders constitute 70% of total erectile dysfunction cases.

Besides, with growing age people tend to face erectile dysfunction due to deteriorating of nervous and cardio-vascular system, which is natural. Hormonal imbalance also disrupts testosterone levels, a fundamental hormone for male sexual functions.Psychological conditions like anxiety could also affect the ability to last longer. In addition, stress is another cause of erectile dysfunction. Alcoholism, tobacco intake and excessive caffeine can also lead to erection problems in the long run.  

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