Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder when there is reduced blood flow in the penile region. Aging, high cholesterol in the blood, hypertension are some of the reasons that can cause narrowing of the blood vessels all over the body.  Diabetes which is a common ailment nowadays can also cause impotence due to reduced blood flow and hence diabetic men are prone to suffer from impotency.

A man having diabetes suffers from a declining and unsatisfactory sex life, due to erectile dysfunction. Some of the men are reluctant to talk about the problem of their libido or erectile problems.   He is interested in having a sexual intercourse but cannot penetrate as his erections are weak and not firm and hard.   This causes anxiety and stress and can lead to erectile dysfunction.  Research studies indicate that almost 40% of diabetic men have reported to suffer from impotency problems.

Men suffering from diabetes experience depression, stress and anxiety which make them frustrated for having to face this problem.  Hence it is important that he learns to cope with this disease and should have an open discussion with his physician.

When a man notices that he has trouble with his erection and sexual performance, he becomes anxious and fear sets in due to impotency and this can be a warning of undiagnosed diabetes. The tissue and nerves in the penis are damaged due to diabetes.  It is however not necessary that every diabetic can suffer from weak erections. Just because you're a diabetic does not mean you can’t overcome erectile dysfunction and impotency problems.

There are various remedies available to overcome this problem but the most popular remedy is the male enhancement pill. These herbal pills are completely natural as they are formulated using plant extracts and are a relatively safe alternative to the chemically laden ones and helps in enhancing sex and rejuvenating your self confidence.