Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Enhance your sexual performance

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems affecting men which is termed as the inability of a man to gain or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual encounter. This sexual dysfunction can affect men of any age but normally affect the older men.  The reasons for impotence can be due to depression, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems, using medicines over a long period of time, smoking and alcohol. Erectile dysfunction is an  early warning sign for serious heart disease, including heart attack and death that cause damage to the blood vessels by high blood sugar levels. Increase in blood sugar levels lead to inflammation of inner surface of the blood vessels and leads to a condition called as Atherosclerosis and this hinders the extra blood flow needed to maintain an erection.

To get a natural erection, you must become sexually excited. Your nervous system then sends chemical messages to your pelvic area. Blood flow through your arteries increases thereby making the smooth muscles inside your penis relax. The corpora cavernosa, acting like sponges, fills with blood and make the penis erect. The reasons for improper erections are either the lack of blood flow to the penis or no blood flow to the penis area.  Another problem can be due to decrease in levels of testosterone as a good amount of testosterone leads to higher sexual desire.

To improve your sexual life and overcome erectile dysfunction, there are safe effective herbal supplements that help increase blood flow to the penis and also the amount of testosterone thereby giving firm and hard erections and a satisfied sex life -

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  1. Very useful post. Erectile dysfunction is very common issue these days. Consider taking natural ways.