Monday, August 19, 2019

Alcohol and Erectile Problems

If you love drinking alcohol, then it can be bad for your sexual health as both go hand in hand and can make a man impotent.  A lot of young men experience erectile dysfunction due to excessive drinking and this could also ruin relationships.

Alcohol suppresses your central nervous system, and this makes your body not getting proper signal for the blood vessels to supply enough blood to the penile area.  Indulgence in too much of alcohol can also result in the nerve damage in the penis which can cause erectile dysfunction. Alcohol also increases the level of estrogen and decrease in testosterone levels which lowers libido and can result in weak erections.  Too much alcohol consumption also increases body fat thereby making a man having larger tummies and male breasts which can be really embarrassing.  Alcohol also makes you feel depressed and depression, nervousness and anxiety are some of the main psychological reasons behind erectile dysfunction in men. This makes a man not being able to perform in bed thereby adding more stress which worsens the situation. 

To get over impotence because of alcohol, it is important to quit drinking which may not be easy at first but if you have the determination and want to have an enjoyable and stress free sex life and improve your overall health, you have to take concrete steps towards it.  Focus on your goals and learn some stress management techniques like yoga, meditation.

There are herbal supplements which are effective and safe; they improve blood flow to the penis, increases testosterone levels and improves your mental wellbeing which are important in helping you achieve harder and stronger erections.  They contain certain herbs which have been used as aphrodisiacs since centuries and can boost sexual function in men.

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