Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Powerful herbal Erectile Dysfunction supplement to enhance sexual act

Erectile dysfunction or weak erections is a sexual disorder in men and this dysfunction can disrupt a man’s sex life as well as his confidence.  There are various underlying causes of erectile dysfunction – physical and psychological.   

Any disease, malfunctioning of nerves, muscles and blood carrying vessels can delay the process to cause erectile dysfunction.  Diabetes, which is the major cause of erectile dysfunction, diseases related to cardio-vascular system, neurological disorders, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and problems related to prostate gland, kidney and liver can also cause weak erections. For normal erections, there should be enough blood flow into the penis; sponge like tissues which is covered by a chamber called corpus cavernosa.  When brain passes signals to the nerves, the corpus cavernosa eases which then allows the blood to the penis which results in firm and hard erections and after ejaculation blood starts declining and the penis loses its hardness and returns to its normal size.

 Besides physical reasons, psychological reasons like performance anxiety and stress can also cause weak erections.  As a man grows older, he tends to develop the problem of erectile dysfunction as there is a decline in the testosterone levels and also due to the weakening of nervous and cardio-vascular system. Excess of alcohol, smoking and too much caffeine can also cause erectile dysfunction

Achieve stiffness and hardness of erections to penetrate deep which is long enough to satisfy your partner – combat erectile dysfunction with a safe and effective herbal supplement and enjoy pleasurable and satisfying sexual act with your partner.

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