Monday, January 25, 2021

Causes and Natural Remedies to overcome impotence

Men who suffer from impotence are generally more likely to suffer from depression and this sexual problem can cause stress and anxiety at home, in relationships and even at work.  Impotency or erectile dysfunction is defined as an inability to obtain or maintain an erection long enough for a satisfactory sexual intercourse.  The symptoms that you may be suffering from impotency is when you are consistently not able to attain an erection, your erections are not that much hard and firm  to allow the vaginal penetration, erection may lose its continuous firmness upon the penetration and your erections may not long last.

Impotence is a common sexual problem that   often in their lives and is more common as a man grows older and is causes because of some illness, trauma, injury or side effects of taking drugs and improper flow of the blood supply to the penis or the nerve damage.

Impotence can be overcome naturally; drinking of water melon juice helps in improving blood flow to the penis and apple cider vinegar increases sexual desire and repairs the damaged blood vessels, including the nerve fibers in the penis.

Lower your fat intake and stay away from processed foods, fast food and desserts to reverse impotence.  Cholesterol clogs arteries and allows less blood flow so avoid   animal and animal product foods.

Exercise regularly which helps improve blood flow; practice yoga as it is good for stress relief and also increases blood flow.

Take an effective herbal supplement which will help get rid of impotence/erectile dysfunction which will help enhance blood flow to the penis thereby giving you harder and stronger erections and help you return to normal sexual life in a safe way –

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