Monday, May 3, 2021

Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Ailment

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability of a male to achieve or maintain a strong erection and this makes it difficult for a man to have sexual intercourse, thereby affecting the confidence and emotions of a man. It is a known fact that older men suffering from heart ailments also suffers from many negative effects to the rest of the body and one of it is the sexual function and its reproductive system.  When a man has a heart or cardiac ailment, there is not enough blood flow to the penis and therefore he cannot achieve a proper erection or sustain it for long.  Erectile dysfunction and cardiac ailment are closely linked and the factors that can be connected to heart disease causing erectile dysfunction are medications, improper blood flow, stress, etc.

Medical experts also agree that erectile dysfunction and heart disease are connected as some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction include heart disease, clogged blood vessels, high blood pressure, and obesity. Erections depend on the proper flow of blood through blood vessels and when fatty deposits build up on artery walls, the blood flow is restricted. A clogged artery restricts the flow of blood to the penis, causing impotence.  High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heavy smoking all lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction and heart disease are grave problems and hence it is important to take immediate remedy.

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