Friday, October 25, 2019

Main causes of Impotence

Impotence affect many men worldwide and can be due to different causes. Some can be due to psychological and lifestyle related issues while most are physical in nature. Men find it embarrassing to discuss their problem and seek remedies for it.  

The main causes of weak erections are due to cardiovascular diseases as this is because the arteries get hardened and can affect the flow of blood to the penis.  Insufficient blood flow leads to erectile problems and high blood cholesterol levels, smoking, hypertension and diabetes can aggravate the hardening of arteries.

Nervous disorders like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injuries can result in impotence. Diabetes may cause the weakening of nerves which will affect blood flow to the penis. Therefore, a man suffering from diabetes should keep his diet and blood sugar under control.  Kidney failure and liver disease can cause hormone imbalance and hence can lead to erectile dysfunction.

As a man grows older, there is a decline in the testosterone levels and with the natural process of aging a man suffers from low libido and erectile dysfunction. Certain drugs and high blood pressure medicines may have the side effect of impotence.  

Drinking alcohol excessively can cause temporary impotence in some men and this can disturb hormone levels and can lead to nerve damage which causes impotence.  Men who smoke are more likely to develop impotence.

There are herbal anti impotency supplements for men suffering from this problem.  They are safe and effective and will help you overcome erectile dysfunction by improving blood flow to the penile area thereby letting you have strong and hard erections.

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