Monday, November 30, 2020

Get rid of erectile dysfunction and boost your sexual performance

Erectile dysfunction is termed as inability to achieve erection or maintain erection for long time during sex.   Erectile dysfunction is caused due to physiological factors whereas psychological factors also contribute towards the cause.  At the time of erection the blood enters into the penis and is retained there. The blood flow can be disrupted due to many physiological or psychological factors. Physiological factors that may hamper the flow of blood to penis are neurogenic disorders, hormonal disorders, arterial disorders, surgery or aging. The other most common cause is lifestyle habits like excess intake of alcohol, drugs, obesity, junk food, cigarettes which affects sexual health. Smoking causes arterial narrowing. The psychological factors can be stress, depression etc.

Erectile dysfunction can be overcome and   most of the time this problem occurs due to lack of inadequate blood supply to penis.   There are many popular conventional treatments to tackle erectile dysfunction but these drugs are overpriced and cause harmful effects. Herbal alternatives are much cheaper and more effective than these prescription pills and it is safe without any side effects. Herbal supplements contain important vitamins and herbs which help  increase blood circulation throughout and clears plaque from blood vessels and allows larger volume of blood to flow through penis resulting in harder and longer erections. The herbs used are   aphrodisiacs which have been used over many centuries to solve erectile problems –

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